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Pardis Noorzad

We are building General Folders to make business collaboration simpler and more secure. I share some motivations in this post. If you're interested, let's connect!

I led a data team at Twitter covering search, trends, and notifications, among other products. I helped establish the product data science function at the company. I led the data function at Carbon Health and presented our work at AI Summit. At Paytm, I built a fraud detection engine serving 100M customers; at Rubikloud, a promotion allocation system for retailers.

I hold a degree in software engineering from the University of Tehran. I studied math and social networks at the Toronto Metropolitan. At Amirkabir, I studied AI and published on music genre recognition and sparse linear classifiers.

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Here is my bio for conferences and talks.

Pardis Noorzad is CEO at General Folders. She led a data team at Twitter, covering a variety of consumer products. Pardis built products in growth stage fintech and digital health and early stage AI platform companies.