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Pardis Noorzad

We are building General Folders to provide seamless data exchange services for business partners. I shared some of the problems we're solving in this post. If you're interested in cloud infrastructure and data pipelines, let's talk!

Prior to General Folders, I was an executive at Carbon Health. I built a world-class Data Science function driving infrastructure, governance, analytics, and ML initiatives. We published the first ever open clinical data repository. We shared some of our work at AI Summit Silicon Valley 2020.

I led a Data Science team at Twitter—covering Search, Trends, Explore, Events, Topics, DMs, Notifications, and Video. I reestablished the Data Science function, ushering its expansion for the first time in four years.

At Paytm Labs, I designed and built a fully automated fraud detection engine for Paytm—the P2P payments and marketplace app serving India. As an early employee at Rubikloud, I built a promotions allocation system which remained the company's flagship product up to its acquisition.

I studied random graph models of online social networks at Ryerson University. At Amirkabir University, I published on music genre recognition and sparse linear classifiers with Bob L. Sturm. I hold a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Tehran, where I served as ECE Representative for three years. I served on the Ryerson Senate for a year, working closely with Sheldon Levy.

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Here is a summarized bio for conferences and talks.

Pardis Noorzad is CEO at General Folders. Previously she was an executive at Carbon Health driving all data initiatives as the company grew 45X. At Twitter, her team covered 80% of consumer products. In addition to healthcare and social media, Pardis has built products in fintech (at Paytm) and in e-commerce (Hong Kong, Europe, and Canada markets). She has a background in Software Engineering, AI, and Applied Math.